Happy 50th Anniversary, Carol!

Ms. Carol Coffey, Secretary at Allendale High School

When Carol Coffey first walked through the doors of Allendale Public School (yes, that’s school singular), it was 1962. John F. Kennedy occupied the Oval Office and Coopersville’s Del Shannon crooned over the airwaves about his Little Runaway.

At the same time on Lake Michigan Drive, in the building we remember as the former senior high, Carol was beginning her career in the office. Over time she witnessed a small country school with a few elementary grades swell to accommodate an equally booming city of Allendale.

Eventually, Carol settled into her sweet spot interacting with high schoolers, saying she loves the age. “…I just love being with the kids and interacting with them every day.”

So when the new senior high building was constructed, Carol decided to move with it. And the rest, as they say, is history.

A lot has changed in the fifty years since Carol first sat behind the front office desk. Rotary-dial phones have morphed into cordless ones with headsets. Handwritten notes have given way, in large part, to email. Typewriters have been replaced with computers.

And while we’ve seen nine different men rise to the office of President of the United States in that same span of time, Allendale has been blessed to have enjoyed the dedication given by one outstanding secretary who continues to greet students with a smile every day.

On behalf of our community and Allendale Public Schools, we offer our deep gratitude and our sincere congratulations to Ms. Carol Coffey for five decades of committed service! We appreciate you!

Celebrating together!

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5 thoughts on “Happy 50th Anniversary, Carol!

  1. Carol was there for me , for my chidren and now my grandchildren. What a wonderful lady. We were really blessed to have her at the school. I can not get over how YOUNG carol looks look. So to you Carol thanks for all the years you have given to the kids. We all love you!


  2. Rob McMurray

    So Carol is still there and she still looks amazing! I remember her super smile and her yellow “Cuda” and how she was someone you could kid around. Well Carol those kids must have kept you young. Congratulations on your 50th anniversary.

  3. Deb McBurnett

    So great to see a great Lady still Smiling. Congratulations on your 50 years. Forget the Fly, Just ask Carol… LOL

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