An Essay Contest and An Opportunity to Contribute

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If your child has aspirations of becoming a published writer or seeing their name in a headline, this April they may find their dreams coming true!

This spring we’re excited to announce an in-class essay contest for APS students that will encourage them to thoughtfully answer prompts about their school, the ways that learning in Allendale is fun, and influential teachers that have impacted their lives for the better.

Each of the winners will be photographed and featured here on Allendale Outlook throughout the summer months. Not only will their essays be published, but they will be highlighted on the APS Facebook page and receive a prize!  Winning students will be contacted personally by Superintendent Jonker and awarded a certificate for a free Jet’s Pizza and a Walgreen’s gift card.

Additionally, we’d like to hear from you! Please leave us a comment telling us what stories you’d like to see featured here! Who knows, maybe your name will end up in a headline, too?

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2 thoughts on “An Essay Contest and An Opportunity to Contribute

  1. Karen L

    I would like to see volunteer opportunities available for parents, etc. Maybe a contest between the schools to see who can log the most volunteer hours?

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