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Summer Essay Series: Patrick Adams, 2nd Grade

The Greatest School Ever!

I love my school because I have the best teacher ever.  Evergreen Elementary school is awesome!  We learn many new things. I learned how to regroup in Math and work with big numbers. We do lots of reading.  We have a sweet library! There are many books to choose from.  I like the Michigan Chiller books.

Outside there are lots of playgrounds and spaces to run and play.  There is a huge soccer field and basketball courts.  We even have a baseball field.  There is also lots of playground equipment like swings and slides.

In my classroom there are many things to do.  We have Alpha Smarts, two computers and a smart board.  I like the Alpha Smart because we can write stories.  My teacher prints our stories on the computer and we get to draw illustrations for them.

We work in different groups in the classroom.  We have the window group, the middle, the computers and the back group.  When we work in our groups, one person gets to be the teacher for the day. I like to be the teacher.

We do lots of crafts and fun things.  We read a book about how different birds make their nests.  Then we colored birds and glued them on a nest that was on colored paper.  I made a cardinal.

These are the things I like about my school.

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Summer Essay Series: TJ Meyer, 3rd Grade

Our school is the best, smartest, and the most outstanding school on the planet Earth. The reasons why are:

Our school has fantastic teachers. Next, our school has a cool lunch program. And then, our school has an awesome gym. Last, our school has an awesome library!

The first reason why our school is awesome is that it has fantastic teachers. Mrs. Elliott is very kind, nice, and awesome. Mrs. Burkhour likes science and has wacky science experiments. Mrs. Suhy likes to paint and likes helping kids.

The second reason why our school is fantastic is that it has an awesome lunch. We get to have a choice between “a” and “b” lunch. “A” is soup, pizza, chicken alfredo, and stuff that is cooked. “B” has ham subs and yogurt with string cheese. No matter what, this school has an awesome lunch choice.

Our school has an outstanding gym. First, we get to play fun games like spider in the web, freeze tag, blob tag, and many more. Next, we get to play prisoners base where you have to get both flags — but watch out! You’ll be tagged! I also like that we get to ride scooters in gym and climb on the rock wall!

The last reason why we have an awesome school is our library!!!! We get to have historical fiction books like Anne Frank. Next, we get Magic Tree House books and Harry Potter and magic books. They teach you to love reading!

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Summer Essay Series: Kaylyn Whitten, 4th Grade

My teachers and school make learning fun by doing different things every week and challenge us to do the best we can do.

One reason is the enrichment classes. I think it is a good thing we have enrichment because then you can go at your own level and learn what’s right for you. In 5th grade math you get to meet new friends and you get to learn new ways to do normal math while having fun. One of my teachers, Mrs. Luban, was teaching us a decimal problem and to help us to remember it, she taught us a song. One other enrichment class is the Explorers. They teach you techniques on how to make a good paper, and they do fun research projects like the bird report, and they read plays. I think the enrichment programs are good for anyone that is at a level higher than their grade.

Another reason is the after-school clubs. One of them is called OSTP. I am in this club and it teaches you about the earth and how to save our planet and gives new techniques on how to recycle and be green. Another club we have at our school is Singing Falcons. In this club you get to perform at different events, sing some songs, be with friends, and warm up your voices in the morning. I think the after-school clubs help you learn, be with friends, and have fun.

In addition, there are extra rewards. You have the chance to win prizes in other contests like the wallpaper contest. If you won the contest, then your wallpaper was displayed on all of the laptops in the whole school. We also do class stores where we can buy things with our Oakwood bucks like passes and toys, or we can do something else. Oakwood bucks is the class bank where if you do a certain job you get paid for it in Oakwood bucks. I think extra rewards push you to be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn.

Also, we have incentives at our school. If you clean, you can win a prize or get a pizza party for your class. We also do punch cards so that if you hit your goal, you get a punch in your card. When you fill your card, it gets put into a drawing and you have the chance to win a free lunch. We also do writing contests like this essay contest. If you win, you get interviewed, get a free pizza, and a Walgreen’s gift card. I hope they keep doing the extra rewards into next year so that the younger kids get to do it, too.

In conclusion, I think that my school is awesome in so many ways like the enrichment and after-school classes, because they help you learn while having fun. I also think that if we didn’t have the extra rewards and the incentives, the kids would not try as hard as they do now.

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Summer Essay Series: Matt Terpstra, 5th Grade

Oakwood is the best school I’ve ever been to! It has great teachers that are always exciting to work with and that adjust to understand each and every student. Here are some reasons why I love Oakwood:

First, I’ll explain the teachers. There are many teachers, a great principal, and every class is a blast! Each teacher helps us in the way we need. Everyone is different, so some students might need to be taught a certain way. Some kids might need a less strict discussion, some might need a more understandable explanation, and some kids might just need help. The teachers all give them these things.

Next, let’s find out about the lessons. The lessons they teach here at Oakwood Intermediate are understandable and make sense. The teachers make sure that what they teach stays with the kids. At some schools people forget what they learned after a month or two. But here at Oakwood, that’s not how it goes.

Finally, I’ll tell you about the supplies. Here at Oakwood Intermediate, we have tons of supplies. We have pencils, laptops, SmartBoards, scissors, glue, crayons, colored pencils, markers, white board markers, folders, and more!

Oakwood is great!



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Summer Essay Series: Taylor Kulikamp, 6th Grade

Giving Back

I was in 5th grade at Oakwood Intermediate School.  Mrs. Luban was my teacher; she was my favorite teacher at Oakwood.  Mrs. Luban was funny, nice, and caring.  But most of all she was the best at teaching us how to give back to our school and our community.

Mrs. Luban said, “Who wants to be in a club one Friday a month?”  She said we would be doing things to help our community.  We wanted to do something to help other people, so Mrs. Luban helped us think of some ideas.  We did a lot of fun things in her class.  One of my favorite things that we did was to make Christmas shoe boxes.  We also got to help out at L.O.V.E., Inc. and help organize stuff in their store.  The one trip that made me the most sad was going to the Humane Society.  It was sad to see all the animals without homes, but I felt happy to know that I helped them out by cleaning their cages.  We washed windows so when people came in to adopt the animals they could see them behind windows that were nice and clean.

In Mrs. Luban’s class we also did something called, “Coffee Friday.”  We did it the third Friday of every month.  We would come to school early and make coffee and other refreshments.  Once the coffee was made we would go around the school and give the coffee to the teachers and staff members at the school.  It was fun!

Mrs. Luban inspired me because by giving teachers coffee and by helping out in my community. It made me want to give back to others more often.  Mrs. Luban made me feel good about myself because I was doing something great for Allendale and for the Oakwood teachers.

I am so thankful to have had Mrs. Luban in 5th grade!

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