Summer Essay Series: TJ Meyer, 3rd Grade

Our school is the best, smartest, and the most outstanding school on the planet Earth. The reasons why are:

Our school has fantastic teachers. Next, our school has a cool lunch program. And then, our school has an awesome gym. Last, our school has an awesome library!

The first reason why our school is awesome is that it has fantastic teachers. Mrs. Elliott is very kind, nice, and awesome. Mrs. Burkhour likes science and has wacky science experiments. Mrs. Suhy likes to paint and likes helping kids.

The second reason why our school is fantastic is that it has an awesome lunch. We get to have a choice between “a” and “b” lunch. “A” is soup, pizza, chicken alfredo, and stuff that is cooked. “B” has ham subs and yogurt with string cheese. No matter what, this school has an awesome lunch choice.

Our school has an outstanding gym. First, we get to play fun games like spider in the web, freeze tag, blob tag, and many more. Next, we get to play prisoners base where you have to get both flags — but watch out! You’ll be tagged! I also like that we get to ride scooters in gym and climb on the rock wall!

The last reason why we have an awesome school is our library!!!! We get to have historical fiction books like Anne Frank. Next, we get Magic Tree House books and Harry Potter and magic books. They teach you to love reading!

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