Summer Essay Series: Patrick Adams, 2nd Grade

The Greatest School Ever!

I love my school because I have the best teacher ever.  Evergreen Elementary school is awesome!  We learn many new things. I learned how to regroup in Math and work with big numbers. We do lots of reading.  We have a sweet library! There are many books to choose from.  I like the Michigan Chiller books.

Outside there are lots of playgrounds and spaces to run and play.  There is a huge soccer field and basketball courts.  We even have a baseball field.  There is also lots of playground equipment like swings and slides.

In my classroom there are many things to do.  We have Alpha Smarts, two computers and a smart board.  I like the Alpha Smart because we can write stories.  My teacher prints our stories on the computer and we get to draw illustrations for them.

We work in different groups in the classroom.  We have the window group, the middle, the computers and the back group.  When we work in our groups, one person gets to be the teacher for the day. I like to be the teacher.

We do lots of crafts and fun things.  We read a book about how different birds make their nests.  Then we colored birds and glued them on a nest that was on colored paper.  I made a cardinal.

These are the things I like about my school.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Essay Series: Patrick Adams, 2nd Grade

  1. Tumaini Sango

    Good job! Patrick!

  2. Patrick Adams

    Thatta boy -future patrick

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