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‘Tis the Season for Christmas Music!

If your holiday season is more complete with the sounds of sleigh bells and the clip-clop of horses hooves floating through the air, you’ll want to order the Allendale Music Program’s CD of Christmas favorites. Featuring classics like Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella, Over the River, and Let it Snow!, this collection is sure to be one that you’ll treasure for years to come!

Aside from the joy of learning new songs and practicing them fervently in preparation for this November recording, students in grades 1-8 had the opportunity to learn about sound engineering and all that goes into the production of an album. Our young musicians also learned about the tools and technology used during the recording process; seeing it all in action allowed them to gain a more complete understanding of the science and art of capturing sound beautifully.

Allendale Public Schools, Allendale Middle School, Christmas CD

The Middle School Band’s contribution to the project was recorded professionally in our very own band room. AMS musicians not only had the challenge of playing their pieces perfectly, but doing so without the normal bumps and clangs that come when picking up or setting down an instrument during transition time. Their success brought confidence and pride, and we applaud them!

Whether for you or your out-of-town loved ones who haven’t had the pleasure of attending a concert performance, the Allendale Music Program CD would make the perfect gift. Contact Mr. Kevin Langejans (pictured below) at AMS to purchase your copy today!

892-5595 ext.6604 or

Allendale Public Schools, Allendale Middle School, Christmas CD

Allendale Public Schools, Allendale Middle School, Christmas CD

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AMS Leadership Team Helps Keep Students Drug-Free

Allendale Middle School, Red Ribbon Week, Drug-Free, Allendale Public Schools

Lunch hour students enter a trivia contest promoting drug-awareness

For the past six years, Allendale Middle School has been participating in the National Red Ribbon Anti-Drug Campaign. Striving to educate students on the very real dangers of drugs, students on the middle school Leadership Team worked under the mentorship of Ms. Rhonda Wilson to create a week of activities to get kids thinking intentionally about choosing a drug – free path into their futures.

Red Ribbon Campaign: 2012, Allendale Public Schools, Allendale Middle School, Allendale Middle School Leadership Team

The first two days of Red Ribbon Week placed students face-to-face with the dangers of drugs in a brief trivia quiz created by the AMS Leadership Team. Students who completed the quiz were entered into a drawing to win prizes. Students also had the opportunity later in the week to add their ideas to a giant interactive poster entitled, “A Million Things To Do Besides Drugs,” and then to show unity for a drug-free future by wearing red in honor of “Red Ribbon Week.”

Ms. Wilson noted that the “Million Things To Do” idea has spurred thinking and helped kids consider how precious their time really is. It has also emphasized that if bored or struggling, there are many alternatives to dealing with pain or frustration than dabbling in illegal drugs. In years past students have come up with everything from, “I can play my guitar instead of doing drugs,” to “I can walk the dog” or “read a book.” Just getting them thinking, said Ms. Wilson, is a great first step toward awareness.

Red Ribbon Campaign: 2012, Allendale Public Schools, Allendale Middle School, Allendale Middle School Leadership Team

Carson DeLoof (left) and Linnea Hartz (right) are committed to helping their classmates say “no” to drugs.

7th Graders Linnea Hartz and Carson DeLoof are two of the girls on the Leadership Team who worked on making the trivia game and finding the right statistics. They also collaborated on how the team could best improve awareness at school. Both girls are passionate about helping their classmates to see the dangers of drug use.

“The statistics show us that some kids begin using drugs like marijuana in 7th or 8th grade,” said Linnea. “I think it’s sad that many kids don’t realize how serious drugs are and how one wrong choice can affect your future.”

Carson and Linnea, along with their teammates, will go on to spearhead projects around the holidays as well as the school’s anti-bullying awareness week in March. Mrs. Wilson credits the Leadership Team with their natural ability to rally classmates and cast a vision for something better.

“Students on the Leadership Team are chosen only on the basis of character and leadership ability. It is one instance that we do not look at grades to consider participation. Teachers nominate kids because they have a natural bent toward leading, and doing so positively,” explained Ms. Wilson.

Thank you to each of the AMS students who helped make Red Ribbon Week a success!

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Allendale High School Students Excel in TESA

TESA, Grand Valley State University, GVSU, entrepreneurship, Hanna Ebeling, George Ebeling, Allendale Public Schools, Allendale High SchoolWhen Hanna and George Ebeling submitted their applications to TESA, they never anticipated the experience that awaited them.

The Grand Rapids Teen Entrepreneur Summer Academy invites students to learn about business models and create a viable one of their own as they compete for award money and recognition from members of the local business community.

“During the five day academy, teams of three to four students from different schools will manufacture an original business pitch from the idea stage to a developed concept. They will participate in lectures and hands-on learning sessions along with creative problem solving tasks. On the final day, each team will present their idea to a panel of local business professionals for a chance to win cash prizes totaling $1,000!”  (source)

Held this past July in conjunction with Grand Valley State University’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Hanna (AHS Senior) and George (AHS Freshman) were challenged with creating a business that would spur urban development and encourage people to make purchases locally.

After being placed in groups of 4-5 students from all over Michigan, Hanna’s team settled on creating a “green” coffee shop for GVSU that would feature a multicultural menu, organic food, and an internet café. Working together, her group created a powerpoint that earned them a spot in the competition finals.

George was placed in a team that decided to showcase produce from local farmers. Named “Urban Organics,” his group came up with a business model that would allow people to buy crops from area farms and have them delivered to to their home or place of employment. This idea won their team a spot in the finals, and in the end, the $1,000 cash prize to be shared among group members!

George shared that his biggest takeaway from the competition was learning about something completely new that had such practical real-world applications. He enjoyed pitching the team’s idea to the judges, working with mentors, meeting other students, and using tools like Prezzi to create a winning presentation.

For Hanna, the joy and the learning came not as much from the program itself, but from meeting so many other interesting people.

“It was actually a challenge to get to know people who were quite different from me–especially being in a very diverse setting that is unlike anything I’m used to. Getting the courage to approach someone who you do not know and may not clearly understand was hard for me, but it was definitely a good thing!”

We congratulate both Hanna and George for stretching themselves, for taking new risks, and for their success in TESA this summer!

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Allendale Rotary Sponsors Fundraising Dinner for APS Scholarships

rotary logo, Rotary InternationalWith our clocks promptly turned back and the days grower colder and shorter, perhaps nothing would help warm us and bring some much-needed sunshine than contributing to a great cause.

If you agree, we’d like to invite you to join us this Wednesday night from 5-8 pm when the Allendale Rotary Club will be hosting a spaghetti dinner at the Lake Michigan Drive Peppino’s Restaurant. 

Cost for the dinner, which includes salad, bread, and spaghetti, is $7.99 per adult and just $3.99 per child. The best news is that when you break bread with us, 75% of your bill will help bolster the Rotary Scholarship Fund for Allendale High School! This money will allow them to continue awarding scholarships to outstanding AHS Seniors who plan to attend a Michigan college or university in the fall of 2013.

According to Rotary Coordinator Nick Grinzinger, the Allendale chapter strives to give away 2-3 scholarships each year, ranging from $500 – $1,500. Designed to off-set the rising costs of higher education, scholarship winners will be chosen based on leadership abilities and volunteerism. They will also be looking for students who live by the Rotary motto: Service Above Self.

Students interested in applying for a scholarship should contact the Allendale Rotary Club after the New Year to request information. All applications will be due by March 29, 2013.

We hope to see you tomorrow night!

Rotary Spaghetti Fundraiser, Allendale Public Schools

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