Thank you Allendale, From Kat Ginn

Allendale Public SchoolsMy first day of high school was full of nerves. I had just moved to Michigan a couple weeks before and I didn’t know many people. I was scared to death and had no idea what to expect. I certainly didn’t expect that the next four years would be better than I imagined, and I have the faculty and staff to thank for that.

I would like to thank the teachers at Allendale for going above and beyond for their students. They were always willing to stay after school, or come early before school, if I need extra help. I have had teachers stay after school multiple times a week for hours re-explaining lessons that I don’t understand.  Apart from teaching the curriculum, the teachers also teach us life lessons. They made sure that we are well prepared to go into the “real world” by the time we walk across the stage at graduation. I couldn’t have asked for better teachers during my high school career.

Kat Ginn, Allendale High School, Allendale Public Schools, Summer SeriesI would like to thank the administrators at Allendale for having high expectations for us. The administrative staff expects nothing less than the best from us. We are not allowed to slack off on our school work, sports, or anything else. We are expected to do our best all the time. Mr. Remenap has two rules that we go over at the beginning of every year. Don’t do what is wrong, and do what is right. Those are his only rules and we are expected to follow them all the time.

My last thank you is to the whole staff. Throughout high school everyone goes through a lot of changes and some difficult times. Whenever I needed someone to talk to I knew that I could always go to anyone on the staff. Weather it was Mr. Fogel, or any one of the teachers I always felt safe talking to them. Not a lot of kids feel comfortable enough to go to one of their teachers to talk about issues that are going on in their lives, but at Allendale, its different.

I had a wonderful experience at Allendale High School. Every teacher and administrator goes above and beyond for their students. They not only make sure we are able to graduate, but they make certain that we are well prepared to go into the “real world.” I would again like to thank everyone at Allendale High School for their commitment to all the students.


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