Thank You Allendale, From The Hinken Family

photo of the Hinken Family, Allendale Public Schools

Allendale Public SchoolsWe, as a family, were new to Allendale Public Schools this past fall.  We have two children, Josh (8th grade) and Jenna (2nd grade).

One of the things that impressed us about APS this past year was the kindness and concern the teachers had for my children as they transitioned into a new school.  By the time we left Jenna’s second grade open house, which was held before the first day of school, Jenna felt very welcome and at ease.  The evening of the first day of 8th grade, we, as parents, had an opportunity to meet Josh’s teachers.  That evening several teachers indicated that they knew Josh was a new student and expressed their interest in investing in a positive transition for him.  Both kids transitioned very well and for that we are so grateful!

This week I asked both Josh and Jenna to tell me one thing they liked about APS (I wanted to write something from their perspective).  Josh’s response was, “the size of the school (meaning with respect to the number of students): it is not too small and it is not too big!”  Jenna’s response was “the teachers!”  These are both very important when it comes to a day at school for a child/student.

I can’t believe how fast the school year has gone.  As I look back on the year I am not only reminded of the positive transition but other positive experiences the kids had at APS such as Josh’s positive experience in sports and Jenna’s positive experience in the Falcon Choir and at Good Time Friends.  I have told many family members and friends that when I ask the kids how their school day was they almost always respond “GOOD!”  For this we are also so grateful!

[photo courtesy of the Hinken Family]

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One thought on “Thank You Allendale, From The Hinken Family

  1. Sandy Garcia

    And we enjoy having the Hinken Family as a part of the APS community. You are a wonderful family and Josh and Jenna are great kids. I am so glad your experience here has been a great one!

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