AMS Students Hit All The Right Notes

The Michigan School Vocal Music Association has been inspiring young musicians and helping to strengthen music education since 1937. Aside from the important work of providing a baseline for music philosophy and a standard of excellence for music educators in Michigan, this group also presents singers in grades 6 through 12 with the unique opportunity to perform at the state level with the best of the best.

We are pleased to share that Allendale Middle School, under the coaching guidance of Mr. Adam Wurst, prepared twelve choir students for this exciting challenge which took place in Owosso, Michigan, on Saturday, October 19.

Allendale Middle School, State Honors Choir

We’re so proud of our twelve auditioning students!

Much like athletes striving for a title, students who wish to compete for the honor of a state title must first audition by singing a piece that is “thoroughly prepared in advance of the audition day. The audition piece is to be memorized.” (source). But the audition doesn’t stop there — because not just one, but two pieces of music must be prepared, and they must be pitch perfect. Mr. Adam Wurst, AMS choir teacher, worked independently with each student for three weeks to them prepare for this unique opportunity.

Mr. Wurst explained the structure of this audition:

“Students sang in a trio of 3 singers, each performing their own part. They were then given a score based on their level of preparation and other musical factors, such as accuracy of rhythm, pitch, dynamics, and memorization.”

It is our pleasure to announce that nine Allendale Middle School students were given the nod and will be performing in the SSA and TTB State Honors Choirs for middle school on Thursday, January 16! These performances will take place in DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Allendale Middle School, State Honors Choir

We offer our sincere congratulations to ALL of our students who auditioned — for tireless practice and dedication to excellence. And we applaud the achievements of those who will be lifting the rafters in Grand Rapids in January:

SSA (Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto) Honors Choir:
Kate Mahaffy, 7th grade
Kelsey Inman-Carter, 8th grade
Alaina White, 8th grade
TTB (Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass) Honors Choir:
Jonah DeZwaan, 7th grade
Sean Schmidt, 7th grade
Howard Barnes, 8th grade
Isaac Cameron, 8th grade
Jacob Doornbos, 8th grade
Jeff Secord, 8th grade
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