The Most Important Lesson I Learned at APS, by Zach Bekkering

Bekkering, ZacharyWhen asked the best thing we have learned at AHS, many might think the fundamental theorem of calculus, the great men who made our country what it is today, or even how to write a good essay in English class. I think the best thing that I have learned at AHS, however, is to work hard no matter what. Hard work is something that not everyone does and that not everyone will learn during school, but is something that is taught in every class here.

Hard work was something that was very elusive to my younger self, which was evident after my first year ended with an under-3.8 GPA. This may not be bad, really,, but to me it was like a dagger to the heart, and it still is to this day. Because I did not have the hard-work ethic that it took to be the best, I was left to make up for my faults in the next three years which taught me what true hard work really is. I learned that I should work hard no matter what I am doing and always strive to be the best that I can be. After my first year in high school, I worked as hard as I could to get my GPA up as high as I could, doubling up on classes, taking summer courses, and studying as hard as I could, but now in the last trimester of my senior year, I have fallen short. After fighting, scratching, and clawing to reach the top, after getting above a 4.0 GPA every trimester since junior year and even getting a 4.5 GPA once during my senior year, I have fallen to 12th in the class.

Working hard no matter what is the best thing I have learned in AHS. I am not saying that everything else that I have learned is insignificant, but hard work is something that applies to everything in life, no matter what I do or where I go. Knowing to work hard will make me successful in anything I try to do. It is the best lesson because I have seen from personal experience what can happen when I don’t try, when I don’t give it my all, and I have also seen what amazing heights I can reach when I give it my all and truly work hard.


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3 thoughts on “The Most Important Lesson I Learned at APS, by Zach Bekkering

  1. Mike knoper

    Zach, you make me so proud to say your my family! You have had many mountains in your life and have overcome them with honor! Just know how proud your mother would be of you!! She and grandma are full of smiles that’s for sure! Love you. Cupcake!

  2. Nancy knoper

    The little guy I use to care for, I too am so proud of you Zach! And will be praying for you in your next chapter in your life. Love you big guy!

  3. Mrs. Karnes

    Zach, I wanted you to know that Mr. Silveira read this essay aloud to the entire student body at the undergraduate awards ceremony today. You have had a tremendous impact for good on so many people by your quiet, no-nonsense commitment to excellence and by making the most of the extraordinary intelligence with which you have been gifted. Most people would be thrilled to be graduating with the honors you have received, but you use it as a lesson (for yourself and others) and inspiration to do even better. Amazing. You’re a wonderful student and person! THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom! We’re all excited to see your bright future unfold in the years ahead. Best wishes!

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