The Most Important Lesson I Learned at AHS, by Erik Dagen

Dagen, ErikThe number one thing I learned during my time at Allendale is the importance of working and communicating well with others. Being able to communicate calmly and effectively with people is important because it will be easier to get your point across to them. In my AP English class, for example, we sometimes held debates. When debates become heated, simply raising the volume and using louder voices only makes the people who are trying to communicate grow less and less likely to really hear what is being said. When people focus on listening, remaining calm, and using a more calm and soothing voice, real communication can happen. We are all more likely to hear others and to be heard, to be able to think about what others are saying and have them think about what we are saying.

Working well with others also affects group projects. In high school, many of the projects assigned in classes are group projects, and in order to do well on these projects, people need to communicate with each other so they can relay ideas.

Good communication skills and being able to work well with others can help people throughout life, even after high school. When I go to college, get a job, and get married, being able to communicate will make life so much easier. Without communication and “people skills,” we become frustrated can’t make a good impact on those around us. This is why I believe that communication and being able to work well with others are the most important things I have learned in my years at Allendale Public Schools.

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