The Most Important Lesson I Learned at APS, by Chandler Stevens

Stevens, ChandlerThe most important lesson I have learned throughout my high school career was not a lesson that I learned specifically in a math class, English class, music class, or any other formal class. This lesson was learned throughout my days at Allendale High, and then perpetuated throughout my day-­to-­day life.

The lesson began with a quote from Mahatma Ghandi:  “We need to be the change we wish to see in the world.” This struck home for me, especially in my senior year. It inspired me to achieve greater things. It inspired me to go beyond myself. It inspired me to make the world a better place. While I did not directly learn this in school, Allendale High was an important factor in opening me to this mindset.

It is hard to narrow my high school experience down to a few examples where I was inspired to be great or to do great things. All throughout my educational career thus far, the teachers and staff at Allendale have always been behind me, encouraging me and praising my work, but also pushing me to a higher standard of achievement. Beginning my freshman year, staff encouraged me to start strong and be the very best I could be to prepare myself for my future as a “world changer.” I recall this term even being used specifically in one of our class lectures, a challenge directed towards the class of 2014. This was a call to greatness.

During my freshman year I did exactly that: started out strong in preparation for my future. My accomplishments were praised, and I was encouraged to continue to set the bar for those who would follow. I was already in a sense setting the example for others, and changing the world in a miniscule way.  However, no matter how well I did, there was always room for improvement. There were always AP classes to be taken, extracurriculars to be attempted, and higher heights to be reached.  One thing that surprised me was that the staff encouraged me to try my best, but to also make time for things that mattered most in my life: family, friends, and my relationship with God.

During my time at Allendale High School, I have learned through the words of staff members and the example they have set for me that I am a future world changer. This is a high calling, but one that is very achievable through preparation. At this school, I have been pushed to limits I believe have equipped me for whatever lies before me. I am excited not only to see a change in this world but, more importantly, to BE the change in this world.

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