AHS Introduces “Heads Up Campus” Initiative

You see it everywhere…grocery stores, the mall, restaurants, and even the movie theater. People burying their heads in their cell phones, seemingly oblivious to their surroundings and the people around them. To this end, Allendale High School is focusing on becoming a “Heads Up Campus,” by encouraging students and staff to get their faces out of their cell phones, their headphones out of their ears, and socialize in the hallways and cafeteria at Allendale High.

heads up campus
The idea came after a group from the class of 2015 visited Western Michigan University last spring and students noticed the friendly nature of the campus. One of the campus ambassadors shared the notion to the tour group, including Assistant Principal Brent Hadden, and the idea stuck. The goal of the program is get students to socialize and enjoy one another on a more personal basis. “We are very proud of our atmosphere here at Allendale High School, and this is just another way to improve it. We want to encourage our students to branch out and be social,” stated Mr. Hadden.


“It’s a great idea. It’s hard to do, but it could change someone’s mindset as they walk through the halls,” commented Mason Dyke, a 10th grader. Senior Betsy Sauter recently gave a school tour to a new foreign exchange student and noticed a change. “I really feel like it’s made a difference. People are making a point to say hello to each other.”

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