Artist-in-Residence Program Comes to APS

quintetWe are very excited to have the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra partner with us in bringing instrumental music to our elementary students. Dan DeZwaan, Elementary Music Teacher, applied for a grant to have our elementary school participate in the Orchestra’s “Artist in Residence” program.  Today and tomorrow, classes of elementary students will get to experience a short program by the Wunderwind Woodwind Quintet!

quintet 2

The Quintet shared the story of “King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub” through words and music



Mr. DeZwaan said, “Being part of the Grand Rapids Symphony’s AIR program is a unique opportunity for our elementary students to interact with music in a meaningful way.  As a program that we will be involved in for at least two years, it’s exciting to consider where this will lead students.  We start this year with the Wunderwind Woodwind Quintet.  This experience allows the students to hear and interact with musicians in a small ensemble.   Later in the school year, students in K-2 will get to have a full Symphonic experience with the entire orchestra in a program designed just for them.  Third graders will attend a workshop with the symphony’s percussionist Bill Vitts.  This could be the beginning of an interest in Symphonic music as an audience member or even inspire students to pursue this kind of music professionally.  We are thankful for this program and happy to be included in it.”

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