Art Partners create “Wild Things”

DSCF2457Art students from Ms. Dehning & Ms. Detter’s Kindergarten class and Ms. Overmeyer’s High School 3D Art class are partnering in the creative process.  After listening to the story, “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak, Kindergartners were paired with High School students.  Ms. Suhy (elementary Art teacher) encouraged the Kindergartners to draw and color their own unique “Wild Thing”.  She discussed textures and mixing parts of animals in their drawings.

The high school students then took those drawings back to the high school, and, over the course of the next two weeks, will turn the kindergartners’ drawings into 3-dimensional soft sculptures.  The “wild things” will then be delivered back to the kindergartners and they will get to keep their “wild thing.”

The inspiration for thiDSCF2488s idea came from projects such as:   High School students also learned about contemporary artists who make soft sculptures such as Claes Oldenburg (of the giant trowel fame at Meijer Gardens).  Students are learning how to hand and machine sew, and how to create art for a client (like a 5-year old Kindergartener).


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