6th Graders present to “Shark Tank” panelists

shark 3

Laura and Rachel pitch the Extendo Brush

Students from Ms. Lema’s Explorers Class presented innovative ideas to a panel of judges in a take-off of the popular television show, “Shark Tank.”  The 6th Graders were asked to come up with an invention or innovation to address a common problem.  They did market research, created a business plan with a projected earnings statement, and “pitched” their idea to a panel of judges.  Ideas included a Garden Guard, Wiper Glasses, The Extendo Brush, Helmet Helper, Bye Bye Clock, and others.  Students had to be able to defend their idea and answer questions from the judges.  Then one or more of the panelists would decide if they wanted to invest in the project.

In reflecting on their experience, students made the following comments:

“I enjoyed that this project pushed our creativity.  We had to go through a lot of trial and error before we got it right.  We also had a deadline and we had to keep a schedule to finish on time.  I learned many important real life lessons!”

“I learned what it takes to be a good engineer and entrepreneur.  I also learned that even kids can invent stuff!”

shark 1

Ms. Lema debriefs with the students at the end of the presentations.

Ms. Lema said, “It was such a proud moment to see these students presenting with such confidence.  It is my hope that this project helped to teach them the importance of being a problem solver, innovator, and successful communicator!”

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