Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is a national campaign to support a drug-free lifestyle. Students at Allendale Middle School were challenged to pledge to a life refraining from drugs, alcohol, and other unhealthy lifestyle choices. During lunch each day, students filled a giant poster in the cafeteria with “a million things to do besides drugs” including reading books, playing sports, and hanging out with positive friends.untitled-1

At the beginning of the week, students were given red ribbon wristbands to be a constant reminder of what this week represents. At lunch, students were able to enter a red ribbon lottery just by wearing their bracelets! Many cool prizes were won on Friday – a ticket to the front of the lunch line, breakfast with Mr. Bailey, a treat bag, etc.

Throughout the week, students also enjoyed spirit days. Many participated on Tuesday “put a cap on drugs” where students were able to wear a hat during class. Wednesday was “team up against drugs” and students wore jerseys to represent battling the pressures of drugs together. “Too bright for neon” was on Thursday and the middle school was full of blinding neon shirts, pants, and shoes. This day emphasized that living a drug-free lifestyle is the smart choice, and all AMS students are smart enough to make an educated choice. The last day of Red Ribbon Week was unity day. Allendale Middle School was full of students and staff members wearing red from head to toe.

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