Junior Science Olympiad Fun Day


Click here for the video of the event!

On Saturday November 8th, over 200 2nd graders through 5th graders had a chance to experience what Science Olympiad is like. The Allendale High School Science Olympiad team ran a day of Science Competitions for their younger school mates. Both the High School Team and the younger students had a day of fun and science.DSCF1463


The 2nd and 3rd graders were up first in the morning followed by the 4th and 5th graders in the afternoon with the following events:

A. Container Egg Drop: Teams of two had to use materials such as a styrofoam container, cotton DSCF1481balls, pipe cleaners, and packing peanuts to design a package that would help an egg survive a fall from the bleachers. Winners were determined by survival of the egg

B. Straw Tower: Teams of two built a tower tosupport a tennis ball using 20 straws and masking tape.
C. Alien CSI: Teams of two used a dichotomous key to solve a mystery and determine which alien committed the crime .
D. Science Game Show: Teams of three answered science quiz show questions and took a science test.
E. Draw It /Do It: One person from a team of two draws a picture of an object. – The first partner leaves and the second partner comes in to find a bag of parts and their partner’s drawing. Winners are determined by who builds an object closest to the original object
F. Park It!:  Teams of two released a ping pong ball from the top of a ramp at provided measurements and collected the distance traveled data.  Students then graphed the data and predicted where to release the ball from in order to “park” the ping pong ball on the line given to them.  Students also took a quiz on graphing and analyzing data.

The top three teams for each event received medals while the other participants were given
DSCF1546 ribbons. DSCF1558
The experience overall was positive, engaging, and meaningful!  Students were very invested in their learning and the opportunity to “do” science! We hope to see even more students next year, the first Saturday in November

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