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APS Art Teachers Head Back to the Classroom

On February 12th, the DK-12th grade visual art teachers had the wonderful opportunity to become students for the day and learn about glasswork, and how it can be used in the classroom. Glassworker Jerry Petrovich generously donated his time and materials to teach the APS art teachers how to create stained glass, glass mosaics using fusing, and glass forms through slumping. APS art teachers, with Jerry’s guidance and expert knowledge of glasswork, were able to “learn by doing” and create glass fused pieces and stained glass pieces. art inservice photos for newsletter

As the DK-12th grade visual art department approaches next year’s curriculum review, they are looking forward to investigating how they can incorporate glass work into their curriculum.

The techniques proved to be exciting, engaging, and challenging all components for high quality, higher order thinking lessons that can help APS students grow and create.

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Students Participate in Project Based Learning

1st – 2nd The children in Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Burk’s class are working in groups to brainstorm the driving question, Why do birds have different beaks? The children are participating in a Project Based Learning unit.12645241_1100169660027508_5522717079794467044_n

3rd- 6th- The children are comparing their ideas about Why birds have different beaks to other groups. They are placing a sticker next to the ideas that were the same on their poster compared to other groups posters.

7th-8th The children are setting up for a Garage Sale. They decided to have a garage sale to raise money to have an expert from Blandford Nature Center come to the classroom to teach them about bird’s beaks.

9th-13th Great News! The students met their goal and raised enough money to have the visitor come from Blandford Nature Center. Plus, enough money to sponsor Dr. Whoo and Mr. Bean at the Nature Center. Click on the link to visualize the experience.

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