Allendale Graduate Selected as Top Michigan Student By Detroit News


Science: Sam Austin

High school: Allendale High School

GPA: 4.296 weighted / 4.000 unweighted

Parents/guardians: Cynthia Wallentine and David Austin

College you plan to attend: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Major: Aerospace engineering

Career plans: Aerospace engineer

Most influential teacher: Mrs. Rebecca Karnes


Acceptance to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Founder, Allendale Rocketry Club­ Club created summer of 2015 to expose middle school students to the history, physics, and physical construction of model rockets and spaceflight

National Merit Scholar

I designed and built an inertial stabilization system (vertical stabilization) for model rockets last summer.

AXA Community Achievement Award Winner AP Scholar with Honor

President, National Honor Society Captain, Varsity Cross Country All­ Conference First Team, Cross Country Robot Drive Team, FIRST Robotics

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One thought on “Allendale Graduate Selected as Top Michigan Student By Detroit News

  1. Aileen VanderSchuur

    Well Done!! What an honor for Allendale

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