New Options Students Have Big Plans for the Future

Seniors at New Options High School have big plans after graduation on Thursday, June 2, 2016 in the Ceglarek Fine Arts Center. In its current location for more than 20 years, New Options High School transitions next year into the Allendale High School building.  Providing individually responsive instruction and support, New Options High School plans to maintain the holistic student-centered culture that has proven powerful—and successful—to its student body

New Options May 20 2016 Seniors (L-R) New Options High School graduating seniors Aaron Aument, Tiffany, Taron Page, and Lizzy
(not pictured: Joanna)

This year, New Options is graduating 17 seniors and awarding 29 General Education Diplomas (GEDs).  We had the opportunity to speak with five New Options seniors to ask about future plans:

  • Graduating senior Aaron Aument said he has known for years that he wanted to develop a professional wrestling company. Combining his interest in wrestling with entrepreneurship, Mr. Aument is forming a start-up with several associates and plans to locate his business in Traverse City.  While Aaron felt high school was a good experience, he developed his business plans on his own, and is looking forward to northern Michigan.
  • Lizzy is a New Options senior with a clear path in mind after graduation. She will attend Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) for two years, and then transfer to Grand Valley State University (GVSU).  Drawing on her background and interests, Lizzy is entering the field of Social Work to specialize in children’s issues, or to work with military personnel diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • With a longtime interest in being a chef, Taron Page will be attending Baker College and Muskegon Community College (MCC) to advance his knowledge of culinary arts. Interested in cooking since age 11, Mr. Page was reintroduced to food and nutrition with a class at the high school.  An artist at heart, Taron plans to open or partner in a restaurant in Holland, Michigan after graduation, with an emphasis on baking and pastry products.
  • New Options senior Joanna is planning to complete general education courses through GRCC, and then transfer to the University of Michigan to study Forensic Pathology. Always interested in science, Joanna recently became intrigued by forensics after taking a chemistry class this year that sparked her curiosity.
  • Tiffany, also a graduating senior, has been aware she wanted to work with animals in some capacity since early childhood. Tiffany developed her interest through Animal Science and Veterinary Science courses she took at her former school, Petosky High School. Tiffany plans to attend MCC for general education requirements and then transfer to the Veterinary Technology Program at Michigan State University (MSU).

With transition plans well underway, Ms. Tamika Henry, Principal of New Options High School is looking forward to new opportunities for program students.

Being embedded in the high school offers sports and extracurricular activities, as well as the ability to nurture the unique learning environment at New Options that helps students succeed.  Notes Ms. Henry, the program “takes the can’t students and provides an opportunity to become who they truly are.”

Congratulations seniors!

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One thought on “New Options Students Have Big Plans for the Future

  1. Aileen VanderSchuur

    Congratulations New Option High School Seniors! So proud of each of you! Best wishes to your future!

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