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APS Launches New Strategic Plan

District Offices June 2016 (2)With guidance from stakeholders throughout the Allendale Public School District, a new Strategic Plan was approved by the Board of Education on June 13, 2016.

The 2016-2021 document serves as a “road map” for future planning, decision making, resource allocation, and staff development. The planning process got underway in September, 2015.  Superintendent Dr. Dan Jonker commended the dedication of parents, community members, staff, facilitators, and others involved, noting he is “pleased with the community and process by which the Strategic Plan came together.”

With a mission to “educate, inspire, and support all students,” the Strategic Plan sets forth a vision for Allendale Public Schools to be “recognized as a premier center of educational excellence for all students, staff, and community.”  These important intentions are set to grow from five well-grounded focus areas with objectives that include:

  • Academics and Programs: Improve proficiencies, enhance college and career readiness, and increase all-around opportunities for involvement and learning
  • Learning Environment and Culture: Promote district safety, enhance 21st century skills, focus on anti-bullying and mental health initiatives, and improve diversity awareness
  • Personnel and Leadership: Assess personnel resources, including skills and interests, and utilize internal experts for professional development
  • Communication and Community Engagement: Centralize a system to improve communication, engage in district rebranding, and develop a monthly event and highlight calendar
  • Operations: Determine capital needs, maintain and develop facilities, and advance a bond proposal to address district growth

Decisive implementation:  Putting the Plan into action

Implementation of the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan is already underway.  Leaders, benchmarks, and first-year objectives are defined and tracked quarterly on a new district scorecard developed to support forward movement of the plan. Upcoming, the scorecard will be posted online to provide community access to progress notes and milestones.

An educational journey from kindergarten to the world

Readiness is a key component of the new Plan.  Commenting on differences between this, and earlier Strategic Plans, Dr. Jonker states, “We are addressing the needs of all students in a more differentiated manner than in past Plans.  Previously, we moved forward with student achievement and district objectives. In this Plan, we are also looking to move students toward individual readiness.

Individual readiness encompasses both social-emotional well-being and academic readiness.  Part of the Strategic Plan envisions students graduating not only from high school—but moving with ease into an ever-changing, increasingly competitive world.  Through partnership with parents, community, business, and other stakeholders, the school district aims to support APS students as they take their place as global citizens. Moving out of the Recession, the Allendale Public School District is poised and prepared to deliver on the important goals set forth by the new Strategic Plan to educate, inspire and support all of our students.

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