Online Parent-Teacher Conference Registration

We live in a busy world. Too busy, some would say.

On any given day we leave work, race to pick up our children, choke down some semblance of a meal, and scurry to practice or meetings. Skidding into the driveway after dark, we quickly help the kids finish homework and finally, flop into bed.

If only there were a way to have the clock run on your terms.

Well, this year at APS we’re trying to help make that happen. We’ve piloted a new online Parent-Teacher Conference registration that allows you to point, click, and schedule conference times that fit with your family and your calendar.

The high school had an opportunity to use the system this February, and feedback from that experience will shape the path forward as we prepare for DK-8 conferences in March. Time slots are fixed, however outside arrangements can always be made if your family needs some flexibility. Additionally, we’re happy to accommodate families without internet access; just call your school administrator for help.

Finding ways to strengthen the bridge between home and school is our top priority at Allendale. Whether that’s offering weekly updates on our blog (, utilizing Twitter (@dljonker), or providing ways for you to register for conferences online, our aim is to give you access when and where you want it.

It turns out there is a way to run the clock on your terms.

This year at APS, it starts online.



  1. Karen L

    I was very happy with how this worked out at the middle school. I had little to no wait time in-between conferences. Previously, there would be lines for some teachers and I was there much longer for the same amount of conferences. Thanks for keeping technology in the forefront of where Allendale and the world is heading!

    • I am so glad to hear you had a positive experience! Sometimes changes can prove bumpy, but knowing that the community received them well is wonderful news. Thanks for your comment!

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