2011  Adam Finney Silver Key Award

2012  Morgan Dodde Gold Key Award

2013  Rebekah VanSlooten Gold Key Awards (2)

2013  Rachel LaBrecque Silver Key Award

2015  Grace Wiersema Gold Key Award

2015  Aubrey Evans Silver Key Awards (2)

2015  Laurel Powers Silver Key Award

2015  Andrea Archer Silver Key Award


2011 & 2014  GRAMMY Signature School Enterprise Award

2015  Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Grant 

2015  Art Equipment & Supplies Grant from the Michigan Council of Arts and Cultural Affairs

2015  Support Music Merit Award from the National Association of Music Merchants


2007  Karen Mosier — Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) Outstanding Technology-Using Educator

2010  Karen Mosier — Two-Way Interactive Connections in Education (TWICE) President’s Award

2011  Jennifer Hodges — Annette and Jim McConnell Secondary History Teacher of the Year — Michigan Council of History Educators

2013  Jill Wilson — Michigan Elementary & Middle School Principals Association (MEMSPA) Region 12 Principal of the Year

2014  Jill Wilson — Michigan Music Educators’ Association Outstanding Administrator in “Support of the Arts”.

2014 Gary Torno — Director of Operations and Transportation was inducted into the Allendale Alumni Hall of Fame for his career accomplishments. 

2015 Doug Bol — Michigan Elementary & Middle School Principals Association (MEMSPA) Region 12 Principal of the Year


2011  “Good Sports Are Winners” Award;  MHSAA Wrestling Team Finals

2010-2011  National Guard Top 100 Schools Sportsmanship Award in Boys Basketball

Michigan Wrestling Association:

  • 2009  Division 3 Regional Coach of the Year — Duane Watson
  • 2010 & 2011  Division 3 Wrestling Team recognized as Academic All-State
  • 2011  Division 3 Regional Coach of the Year — Duane Watson
  • 2011  Division 3 Regional Assistant Coach of the Year — Ben Burk
  • 2014 Division 3 Assistant Coach of the Year — Ben Burk

Michigan Interscholastic Track Coaches Association:

  • 2008  Coach of the Year — Brett Cataldo
  • 2008 & 2009  Division 3 Girls Cross Country Team recognized as Academic All-State
  • 2009  Division 3 Boys Cross Country Team recognized as Academic All-State
  • 2009  Coach of the Year — Brett Cataldo
  • 2009  Mr. Track & Field — Zack Hill
  • 2010  Division 3 Boys Team State Track Champions

Michigan High School Football Coaches Association:

  • 2008  Regional Coach of the Year — Ben Burk
  • 2012  Division 4 Academic All-State Team

Michigan High School Athletic Association:

  • 2014  Girls’ Basketball Class B All-State Academic Team — Honorable Mention


2010-14  Honor Board

2010-14  Standard of Excellence

2011 Visionary Leadership Award

2013-14 Distinguished Achievement Award

2013  Excellence in Education Award (Collage)

2014  Excellence in Education Award (6th Grade RAIL Project)


2009 Community Service Award from Allendale Area Chamber of Commerce

2011 Above and Beyond Award from Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

2013 and 2015 AP Annual Honor Roll for expanding opportunity and improving performance for Advanced Placement students

2014, 2015 and 2016  Digital School District Survey Top Ten Ranking in Small School Category (Center for Digital Education and National Association of School Boards)

2014 and 2015  Allendale Robotics FIRST Tech Challenge team (Hexasonics) qualified and competed at the State Finals, Regional and World championships.  In 2016, the Hexasonics qualified and competed at the State Finals and Regional championships.

2015 and 2016  Allendale Robotics FIRST Robotics Competition team (Trisonics) qualified and competed at the State Finals and World Championships.

2016 Allendale Science Olympiad Teams from Middle School and High School qualified for State Finals.


4 thoughts on “PRAISE FOR APS

  1. Becky Karnes

    What a wonderful addition to our collection of communication venues this blog will be!

    Word of winners in the annual writing contest held by The Grand Rapids Press and the Gerald R. Ford Museum began to arrive at the high school yesterday. So far, we know that Samantha Dickson and Melissa DeWitt are among the 18 finalists to be honored in a ceremony at the museum on Presidents’ Day, February 20. (Since letters were just arriving Thursday and Friday, it’s possible we’ll get more good news from additional students Monday, but in a contest that attracts hundreds – sometimes thousands – of entries, it’s already a huge honor for a school our size to have two students among the top 18!) Something that speaks volumes about the Allendale community, too, is the subjects these students chose for their essays. The contest’s assigned topic for this year was “great leadership,” and both Sam and Missy decided to focus their essays not on business tycoons, presidents, or pop-culture icons, but on family members who are near and dear to them. Pretty awesome.

    • That is awesome! Thanks again for sharing that information. It speaks volumes not only of our high school students, but also of the family members they honored.

  2. meeganzickus

    What means so much about this honor is not only that it acknowledges the gifted writers that these students are, but applauds their character even more! When the young men and women move on, their academic achievements may get them there, but their character will keep them there.

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