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Meet Your Principal: Jill Wilson

Jill Wilson, Allendale Public Schools
1. Tell us about your career journey in education, including how long you’ve been in your current role at Allendale.


This is my 30th year with APS! My undergraduate degree from Hope College is in elementary education with a major in special education and a minor in psychology. My master’s degree from WMU is in reading, I also have additional training in educational administration and Reading Recovery. I started at Allendale teaching special education in a resource room for students in kindergarten – third grade. I have also taught first grade and worked as a reading specialist with our district.


2. What makes you love coming to work each day?


I enjoy watching the students respond to their instruction.  There is nothing better than witnessing a love for learning.  Our staff is so caring and talented! The school community is supportive and appreciated.  There is something new and exciting every day!


3. What is something you do each day that people probably don’t realize principals have to do?


I usually walk about 11,000 steps a day, checking on students, teachers and building needs.


4. Name something you personally look forward to each school year.


The excitement of a new year with our youngest learners!


5. If you had an unlimited financial and/or volunteer reserve, what would you do to improve your educational environment?


I would lower the class size in every classroom and provide additional instructional support for every classroom.  I would purchase more resources for each classroom and update our technology including purchasing some IPADs.  Our current building is very close to capacity too!


6. What was the best part of your summer vacation?


My husband and I took an enjoyable trip to Maine.  We had a cottage overlooking Acadia National Park and seals swimming in the waters there!


7. What is your favorite book? (Can be a kid’s book or an adult book)


My favorite children’s book is Charlotte’s Web.  I had the chance to visit the Blue Hill Fairground where Wilbur won his ribbon. I think the book is a fine example of how we can all encourage each other in positive ways!


8. What is one piece of advice you’d like to pass along to the students in your school?


Learning does not take place without practice.  We need to experience new information many times before a connection is made in our brain.  Do not give up, it is worth the effort!
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Allendale Elementary Students Rewarded for Great Citizenship

Allendale Public Schools, The NED Show, Falcon Tickets

All photos this week provided by Principal Ryan Coghill.

Have you ever been “caught” doing something good? Something that came so naturally to you that you didn’t even think twice about it?

Now imagine this: the students at Springview and Evergreen Elementary Schools have been caught being exemplary citizens 4,000 times in the month of January alone!

Our elementary schools operate around the “3R’s: Responsibility, Respect, and Ready to Learn.”  As students model these three traits, staff members from bus drivers to recess supervisors have the privilege of “catching” them and rewarding them with a “Falcon Ticket.”

To motivate the kids and provide some sunshine during these snowy winter months, the elementary principals put forth a goal to “Fly to 4,000.”  If the student body (K-3) could collectively accumulate 4,000  Falcon Tickets during the month of January, the school would be awarded an assembly by The NED Show!

Students easily achieved this goal and enjoyed an action-packed afternoon full of comedy and magic that encouraged students to Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best! Students were challenged to ponder a few questions as they dream of the future:

  • “What’s something you’d like to be a champion at?”
  • “What are your goals?”
  • “How will you reach your goals?”

Below is a video of some of the show’s highlights from over the years:

“The NED Show’s positive message fits in well with our 3 R’s message — they really compliment each other perfectly, so that while the kids are learning what NED stands for, they can tie it back to the expectations we already have of them at Allendale,” said Assistant Principal Ryan Coghill.

Amazingly, the NED Show is a “Pay It Forward” assembly that came free of charge to our school because of the efforts of a previous host school. To participate in NED’s free assembly program, each school is asked to commit to a 5 day sale of their famous yo-yos. All sales “pay” for the next school to enjoy a free “Pay It Forward” assembly!

This week we’ll be joining the long line of schools doing just this. Yo-yo’s are for sale for $7, $10, and $15. If you’re interested in helping Allendale Pay it Forward, contact either elementary office to place your order.

Allendale Public Schools, The NED Show

Thank you to Mr. Coghill for our assembly photos!

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You’re Invited to the Next Allendale Elementary PTO Meeting

Allendale Public Schools, Allendale Elementary PTOHave you ever tried to play on a teeter-totters alone? It’s not much fun, is it? Without a partner to balance your weight on the other side, you’re grounded. Even with the energy that comes from well-timed jumps, the fun doesn’t last long without the presence of another.

The same could be said of young children on swings. Until they learn how to pump their legs, they are left waiting for someone to push them. They are left waiting for the momentum that comes from someone standing nearby to help.

The same can be said of our schools. Yes, our buildings can operate without the momentum that comes from community support, but they probably won’t reach the heights that are possible when a team of people are invested.

Yes, our teachers can do their jobs and make a difference in the lives of children on their own, but just like a one-sided teeter-totter, things are just more difficult.

That’s why we’re invited you to get involved in your child’s school this year.

The Allendale Elementary PTO exists to increase communication between school and home while raising money to support our schools. With attention focused at K-5th grades, the PTO is responsible for planning activities such as mother/son and father/daughter outings, the annual Fitness Frenzy, and organizing the spirit wear sale. A full list of PTO events and other information can be found here.

This Thursday evening the PTO has planned a “Parent Café.” This is not a typical meeting, but is described by President Aaron Haight as being “an educational program that will offer parents education on healthy and wellness, child safety, school success and much more.”

If you’ve thought about getting involved in the PTO but have been uncertain about doing so, Aaron offers some encouragement.

“I was hesitant about the PTO… as a working mom I was worried about being “judged” by the other moms, but I was welcomed right away. This is a chance for you to have a positive influence on your children’s school – you can be involved as much or as little as you like… some parents count labels. Some parents plan events. Some parents support our events. We’ll find a place for you!”

If you’d like to give PTO a try this year, why not start by attending a meeting? We’d love to have you!

  • WHEN? Thursday, November 1
  • WHAT TIME? 6:30 pm
  • WHERE? Oakwood Cafeteria
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