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School Kicks off By Offering Early College Program

Early College Program, MCC, Muskegon Community College, Allendale Public SchoolsFor many Allendale students, high school means classes, sports, lab reports, and even prom. For others, it may mean working after school, volunteering in the community, or starring in the spring musical.

But this year there will be another item to add to the list for a handful of students hoping to take advantage of additional learning opportunities offered through Muskegon Community College.

Allendale High School is proud to launch the Northwest Ottawa County Early College program this fall, which will allow juniors like Joe Secord and Jason Marshall (pictured left) to spend just one more year in high school in exchange for a free associate’s degree upon graduation.

“The program was designed for anyone, but particularly for the student who may not desire a four-year experience or for the student who can’t afford a traditional college degree. This will offer the opportunity for high school students to earn a two-year degree with all tuition costs covered,” said Allendale High School guidance counselor, Mr. Jason Fogel.

Mr. Fogel began laying the groundwork for this program a year ago after a meeting with Jason Pasatta at the Ottawa County Intermediate School District. At that time, the idea was just a skeleton with piles of paperwork looming, but with more and more schools inching toward this destination, they knew that offering college coursework to Allendale students was an achievable objective.

Allendale is now part of the first 60 student “cohort” to join Muskegon Community College’s program. With Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Coopersville rounding out the cohort participants, the number of students allotted per school is determined proportionate to the school size.

To fill those slots, interested students must first take the MCC Compass Placement Test which determines whether the applicant is ready for the academic rigors of college-level classes while yet in high school. Accepted students will be bused to the Tech Center, where MCC professors will be waiting to provide instruction. At this writing, both Joe and Jason (pictured) are candidates for the program.

“I think it’s always good to get a jumpstart on your education,” said Joe. “I wanted to have a plan so I can get moving more quickly, which will help save money. I’d like to study to be a math teacher because I love math and being around math, but I’d prefer to help others rather than just do my own thing. It just feels right.”

Jason’s motivation is different, but still reflects the drive to keep moving and seize this unique opportunity.

“I’m actually almost done with all my high school credits and I need good classes to fill in space,” Jason explained. “I’d like to go into the medical field, so I’ll be taking a lot of math and science classes–for free!”

Principal Dan Remenap explains, “This program helps students earn a degree. That’s what’s most appealing for the kids. Once they have that, it can’t be taken away. It also gets kids focused on their career sooner, which is a good thing. Even if they decide to not pursue this program, just considering it helps them move in the right direction.”

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Regional Infant Program Offers Services to Young Special Needs Children

Allendale Public Schools, Regional Infant Program, OAISD

Stryder works on his fine motor skills.

Would you know where to turn if your two-year old was failing to meet developmental benchmarks? Or if he struggled through tasks in ways that his older brother or sister never did?

We want you to know there is a place right in your own backyard equipped to help!

Housed in Allendale’s Oakwood Intermediate School, the Regional Infant Program serves children with special needs from birth to age 3, and is run through the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (OAISD) with funding from the state and federal governments.

Allendale Public Schools, Regional Infant Program, OAISD

Carter plays with purpose.

Students are admitted to the program after a referral is submitted and needs are revealed. Parents can visit the “Early On” website  to begin the process and request assistance. Web prompts ask a series of questions which are designed to help professionals ascertain the presence and extent of a child’s needs.

If this process reveals a 20% developmental delay or greater, or if there is a diagnosis in place (such as autism), students are invited into the Regional Infant Program and an educational plan is designed with their parents. These plans are generally language enriched with a special focus on literacy.

Sondra Stegenga, director of the program, says that as with any difficulty or health issue, early intervention is key. “These are optional projects and services, but they’re free and we come right to your home!”

The OAISD, in collaboration with Michigan’s “Early On” program, offers a litany of support services to eligible children, including:

  • home visits
  • family training
  • speech & language therapists
  • autism support
  • comprehensive testing
  • physical & occupational therapy
  • transition groups to prepare kids for pre-school
  • …and others which can be found HERE.

If you’re wondering whether your child is on track for his or her age, please click HERE to see a list of important indicators (or this compilation from the CDC).

Parents, if you have been worried wondering about your child, start the New Year with a step toward answers and encouragement. START HERE for help.

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