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Oakwood Students present at MACUL

For those of you new to the acronym, MACUL is more than simply five letters: it represents a group dedicated to supporting educators seeking to better use technology in the classroom. Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning held their 2012 conference right here in Grand Rapids, and among its presenters this year were some of Oakwood’s fifth-grade students!

Sarah Lema in her Oakwood classroom

Oakwood’s Sarah Lema took advantage of a grant opportunity which allowed her to take six students to this year’s conference. Students were selected in January and worked throughout February to prepare their presentations for the March conference. Their focus? How Lema’s class and others at Oakwood use the 1:1 laptop program in class. Working together, students created a tri-fold board with curricular websites they use in their studies, described how they use online tools such as Moodle, Weebly, and Prezi, and brought their laptops along to demonstrate.

All conference photos courtesy of Sarah Lema

Additionally, students had worked together on a bullying movie using Windows “Movie Maker” and flip cams. They performed skits that were recorded and shown to teachers who were attending the conference.

With their station situated in the entryway of DeVos hall, Oakwood students had multiple opportunities to interact with guests and present the many ways that 1:1 laptops have transformed the way they learn and use technology. “I was so impressed with my students and the way they interacted with others and handled the questions,” Mrs. Lema beamed.

Mrs. Lema went on to share that in the three years that APS has had 1:1, she’s seen huge improvements both with the level of student skill and the seamless functioning of their programs.

“With the technology that we have available at Allendale, we’re really able to engage learners and differentiate learning by tapping into various learning styles.  …  Just to see their creativity is awesome!”

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Oakwood Intermediate’s Fine Arts Fair

Parents enjoy the displays adorning the halls at Oakwood.

Last Monday evening the hallways of Oakwood Intermediate were brimming with families eager to support their young artists. Students grabbed their parents and led them through hallways freshly wallpapered with the work of small hands; musicians played recorders and choir members, led by Mr. Dan DeZwaan, sang for a packed gymnasium.

The "Singing Falcons" perform in the gymnasium.

Proud 4th and 5th graders share their artwork.

4th grader Abby Talcott

Mr. Bol, principal of Oakwood, was excited by the crowds at this annual event and was busy greeting young and old alike.

“It’s great to be able to have parents come in and experience some of what their kids are doing during the day!” he said.

Kids like Abby Talcott agree. Her creativity bloomed the moment Ms. Falkowski, her art teacher, asked the class to use watercolor and crayon to draw koi fish during their fall “Art of Japan” unit.

With face smiling and imagination activated, Abby caught the eyes of Mr. Bol and Ms. Falkowski, who both describe her as a kid who captures the essence of Allendale’s Three R’s: respectful, responsible, and ready to learn.

In her four years at APS, Ms. Falkowski is continually amazed at how engaged and dedicated APS families are in supporting their children. She realizes that not all schools are fortunate enough to run out of 1,000 cookies at an art event!

“Allendale’s art program stands out from the crowd because it sets a high standard,” Ms. Falkowski. “This is obviously a community that’s dedicated to the arts!”

Art teacher Amy Falkowski

I can only echo her sentiments–the support given by our parents and community truly is what makes our work in education meaningful and possible. Thank you!

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