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Thank you Allendale, From the Rader Family

Allendale Public SchoolsWe are very blessed to live in the community of Allendale where we can be actively involved in the lives of our children.  We are thankful for the commitment of the Allendale Public Schools in helping our children achieve personal excellence and providing them with so many extended learning opportunities.  We are grateful to be able to be involved in our children’s classrooms, their school buildings, and their extra curricular activities.

This year, we had Tarek at Oakwood in Mrs. Winkler’s 5th grade class, where I had the opportunity to volunteer weekly.   I was able to be involved in the PALs reading program, where students read aloud in partners following a system of checking and questioning each other.  I was impressed with the advancements I saw in the students’ reading skills.  Tarek was focused on improving his reading this year and with Mrs. Winkler’s goal setting, help from Oakwood’s reading interventionists, and the PALs program. He also saw an increase in his Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) score of 350 points!
Allendale Public Schools, Summer series, Rader FamilyTarek also had the opportunity to spend time every day with Mrs. Beck for 6th grade math, and we are very pleased that Allendale provides opportunities for advanced placement coursework. Tarek and I also got to go to 5th grade camp at Camp Pinewood for three days this spring.  The camp had never had such a large number of students and parents; it was a testament to our school and our community that we all want to be involved in the lives of our students and their classmates.  Not only was the camp designed to teach the students about survival, nature and testing their limits, it was focused on encouraging the students to see themselves as a community and supporting each other.   I’m looking forward to seeing this class move into the middle school next year with all of these involved parents looking after them.
Our daughter, Holt, was in 2nd grade this year at Evergreen with Mrs. Knauf. This was our second time having a child in her class, and her classroom management skills are excellent; she keeps the kids focused and on task in a very quiet, no-nonsense way.  I was very happy to be able to volunteer in her classroom every week reading plays, playing math games and getting to know my daughter’s classmates.  This year, Holt was excited to be a part of Mr. DeZwaan’s zero hour Falcon Kids Choir.  He gives up his own time to come in early to support and encourage those students who love music.  The Singing Falcons and the Falcon Kids Choir capped off their year singing the National Anthem at a White Caps game. What a thrilling opportunity!
I appreciate that Allendale Public Schools are focused on pursuing personal excellence,  offering advanced placement courses, addressing student’s needs as they arise, developing new strategies, providing extended learning opportunities, and encouraging parent involvement.  I am proud that our community supports our students and their school district.  We as a family thank you for another wonderful year at APS.
The Raders
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