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Thank you Allendale, From the Riemersma Family

Allendale Public SchoolsIt is difficult to comment merely on a particular teacher or a specific event that has impacted our student at Allendale Public Schools. Instead we would like to celebrate the imagination and teamwork of the teachers, administrators and assistants who have implemented the creative projects and fieldtrips that have enlivened learning for our son, Dakota Riemersma and the other students here.

Though we are big advocates of reading, we realize that there are additional ways to learn. The numerous projects, fieldtrips, student-led groups and independent research that you provide are vital for showcasing students’ different didactic abilities and interests.

Riemersma, Allendale Public School, Summer SeriesDakota was absorbed in research when building his Newton Scooter balloon car or diagnosing his “patient” for the problem-based learning medical panel project. He became animated when discussing his book for book club or his class newspaper journalism stories. And, of course, he was ecstatic about all aspects of the Specials field trip and the recent Camp Pinewood trip.  This excitement and engagement opens the curious mind so the learning can sneak right in.

Thank you, Allendale Public Schools, for believing that education is more than memorizing and regurgitating strings of meaningless facts and formulas. Thank you for thinking outside the box!

Lena, Peter, Dakota Riemersma

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