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The Most Important Lesson I Learned at APS, by Riley Todd

AHS14Allendale Public Schools are a place of experience, instruction, and benevolence. Throughout the fifteen years I’ve spent schooling in the Allendale community, I can confidently announce that the most important lesson I’ve learned is to be respectful. But not only was the lesson to be kind and respectful to my teachers, but to everyone that I encounter.

Whenever a substitute teacher comes into Allendale Public School, we as students are always told to make a good impression on the guest. We are told that we are symbols of Allendale and that good impressions are of the upmost importance, which is true. The next day when the regular teacher returns and reads an excellent report on our behavior, we feel triumphant that students were able to make such an impressive representation of the Allendale community. Giving respect to everyone I encounter gives me a credibility that cannot be undermined. Being kind to someone I may not know well demonstrates maturity on all levels. Because of the encouragement Allendale’s staff, we are known as one of the most respectfully kind schools in the West Michigan area.

This specific lesson that has been taught to us students is not only useable for school, but also for life outside of a school atmosphere. Being respectful will get me to where I want to be in life. What goes along with being respectful is being kind, supportive, and helpful. These qualities will work as attributes when finding a job, talking to a superior, or volunteering. Respect lets someone else know that you are genuinely a good person.

Showing respect is the most important lesson I will take from my education from Allendale Public Schools. Respect works not only in a classroom, but in life in general. When I am kind, supportive, and helpful to others I show that I am a great person with great attributes. Respect is what attracts people, what makes people enjoy being around another person. Allendale has implanted this genuine quality into my character, and I will use it throughout my life in school and thereafter.

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