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You’re Invited to the 2nd Annual Allendale Community Field Day!

Allendale Community Field Day, Allendale Public SchoolsBirds and bats and butterflies — oh my!

The Second Annual Allendale Community Field Day is preparing to take flight, inviting community members to join in creating a diverse and healthy ecosystem on the Allendale Public School campus.

Grand Valley State University professor Peter Riemersma and Allendale Middle School Science teacher Keith Piccard have focused this year’s work on “Things That Fly,” and will spend this Saturday, May 18 doing three things:

  • constructing bird feeders
  • building bat houses
  • planting butterfly gardens

The two men have worked tirelessly to get a small team of community members to volunteer in ways that strengthen the program. They wish to thank:

  • Allendale Boy Scout Troop 39 for their help with bat house preparations; special thanks to Eagle Scout Alex Silas
  • GVSU Engineering Students for their work on new bird feeder designs
  • Dr. Amy Russell, GVSU Biology Bat Consultant
  • GVSU Illustration Student Kayla Traina for her lovely Flyer Design
  • Holli Ward, Butterfly Consultant
  • The Vruggink Family Garden and their help with plant germination intended to attract butterflies

Mr. Piccard and Professor Riemersma are passionate about getting students outside to better connect the science they learn in class and the real-life application of that knowledge. 

“My curriculum hasn’t changed,” said Mr. Piccard. “I’m still actively involved in stream ecology, and these projects will only help to further those interests as well. We just want to get more people involved in doing science and data collection outside. Everyone’s welcome! Students from other schools and even homeschooled kids are invited to take part in this community field day.”

Professor Riemersma agreed, noting that he has spent this entire school year on sabbatical to promote the goals of expanding science and connecting it to the world around us:

“We’re not just putting up a bat house or a bird house because it’s nice to look at — we want this to impact education. We’re working hard to create an infrastructure that will support those goals.”

Funding for this year’s Allendale Community Field Day come from Professor Riemersma’s personal grant monies, a $1,700 Allendale Community Foundation Grant, and PTA dollars.

If you would like to join the fun and build a bird house, bat house, or help to plan butterfly-attracting flowers, you’re invited to attend for FREE! For all the latest news, be sure to “like” them on Facebook!  Click HERE to do so.

Saturday, May 18: 10 am – 4 pm 

Lunch provided at the event

(rain date: May 25)

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