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High Fives to Another Successful Family Fitness Frenzy!

What do cup stacking, Gaga ball and obstacle courses have in common? They were all part of Allendale Public School’s 6th Annual Family Fitness Frenzy!

Allendale Fitness Frenzy

The event, organized to raise support for Allendale Parent Teacher Organizations, had a financial goal of raising $15,000 which would sponsor things like additional science learning opportunities, mother/son events and daddy/daughter dances, 4th & 5th grade “Fun Day” and buses for field trips to name a few. Wendy Williams, co-director of Fitness Frenzy, noted that they had already brought in over $13,000 from students prior to opening the morning’s silent auction.

“We’d love to reach $20,000 this year!” she said. “We want to give kids experiences at school that maybe they wouldn’t be able to have without this fundraising, whether it’s assemblies that are coming in, field trips they are going on or material purchases that they need within their classrooms.”

Melissa Fennell co-directs the event with Wendy and says that this event is unique from other fundraisers:

“We’re trying to teach from an early age the importance of being physically active. The event is multi-pronged: it’s to bring the community together with our sponsors, provide a venue for families to interact with teachers outside of school, and to get the families out and about. We try to do this one big event so we’re not bombarding busy parents with multiple fundraisers during the year. Plus, with other fundraisers, you end up writing a check for your student but don’t really get to do anything with your family. This is so different in that sense.”

Allendale Fitness Frenzy

This year hosted events like Kick it! Kickboxing, gymnastics, Michigan Blood Drive, free massages from Brusveen Chiropractic Clinic & Therapy, Grand Valley Dentistry play doh station, indoor track, AHS cheerleading, fan favorites GVSU football and volleyball, and many more.

The group based much of their planning, which began in September 2013, on results they received from various surveys distributed by the PTO. They found that parents were looking for new ways to engage 4th & 5th graders, so the committee brought in the True Value Climbing Wall. They additionally conducted another survey with the hopes of bringing in additional parent volunteers, however the results were disappointing, forcing the committee to look at other possible options for future years. If you’re interested in helping plan for Family Fitness Frenzy 2015 or have ideas to spur fundraising in the future, contact members of your PTO to get involved.

Thanks to Wendy, Melissa and the entire planning committee for their months of dedicated and careful planning! Our community reaped the benefits of your hard work!

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Allendale Fitness Frenzy

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